The Scary Truth About Brazilian Butt Lifts


Sadly, many people wake up each morning with one chief thought: they just aren’t happy with their butts. Because of this, countless people hit the gym and start rocking squats, lunges, glute bridges, and other exercises to give themselves a firmer and more prominent butt.

Sometimes, the exercises don’t work well enough. Other times, they hardly work at all. When that happens, some people turn to plastic surgery. Specifically, they turn to a procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift.

However, this is honestly the last thing you should do to your body. According to The Conversation, the Brazilian butt lift actually has the highest death rate out of all the procedures overseen by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

But what is the butt lift? How does it work, and what makes it so dangerous? Keep reading to find out!

How does a Brazilian butt lift work?

The basic concept behind a Brazilian butt lift is very simple. A plastic surgeon simply takes fat from elsewhere in your body and transfers it to your butt. 

Some people find this procedure attractive because it potentially offers two different benefits. Because the butt lift involves liposuction, it’s possible to remove unwanted fat from somewhere else in the body and transfer it to one’s rear end instead.

While the concept behind a Brazilian butt lift is fairly simple, the procedure is more complex than you might imagine.

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What is the procedure like?

To begin with, most patients opt for anesthesia. Next, the plastic surgeon begins the liposuction procedure. That involves a surgeon making incisions into the skin and then using a special tube to remove fat from areas such as stomach, thighs, and hips.

After that, the fat can’t be immediately transferred to the butt. First, it must be purified and processed. The fat can then inject the fat into the butt in a procedure that typically involves making somewhere between three to five incisions in the rear end.

Once everything is done, the plastic surgeon closes up the incisions with stitches and uses a compression garment on the affected areas. The compression garment is there to help keep the patient from bleeding out.

Why do people get Brazilian butt lifts?

The basics of a butt-lift are simple enough to understand. However, different people who get this procedure usually have different motivations.

On the most basic level, many people want a butt-lift to give them a rounder and more natural-looking backside. Some get the procedure at a young age, but many get it as they are getting older because they want the surgery to counteract backside sagginess that naturally occurs over time.

In more extreme cases, people worry about having a disproportionate figure which makes it hard to find clothes that fit well. Their hope is that shifting fat from one part of their body to another can give their body a more balanced look.

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Is the procedure expensive?

Plastic surgery has a well-earned reputation for being expensive. With that being said, how much is a Brazilian butt-lift likely to run you?

According to, the average cost of a butt-lift in 2016 was $4,571, which is a tad cheaper than the average cost of a butt implant, which was $4,860. Modern prices for this procedure may have gone up, and prices may always vary from surgeon to surgeon.

However, we urge you to avoid any temptation to get the butt-lift. Not only is the procedure expensive, but there are many negative side effects and a painful recovery process. On top of that, you are far likelier to end up dying from getting a butt-lift than you are from any other procedures!

Are there any side effects?

A Brazilian butt-lift has many different side effects, and some of them are fairly extreme. For example, the procedure can be very painful, and this extends to the recovery process (more on this in a minute). It can also leave nasty scars and may result in unexpected infections. Furthermore, the butt-lift may leave lumps under the skin.

More seriously, an infection caused by a Brazilian butt-lift may cause you to lose areas of your skin. And in the most extreme cases, it can lead to a fat embolism in your lungs or heart. This can be fatal and contributes to the frequent deaths associated with this procedure.

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Painful recovery

As dangerous as butt-lifts are, they aren’t super likely to kill you. However, they are quite likely to result in a long and painful recovery process.

At a minimum, someone who gets a lift won’t be able to sit on their butt for at least two weeks. And that means sleeping on your stomach or side, which is very difficult for some people.

Many experience swollen buttocks after getting the surgery. And speaking of surgery, many people need to have multiple procedures. Even if you “only” have one procedure, it might be half a year before your butt looks the way you wanted it to.

Long story short? The recovery process may last for months and even years, and that’s assuming it doesn’t kill you outright. Overall, we’d recommend against anyone pursuing this dangerous surgical procedure.