8 Scents That Make Women More Attractive To Men


What if the way to a man’s heart was actually through his nose?

While men are largely visual creatures, they pay very close attention to their other senses. And when it comes to finding a woman attractive, scent is one of the most important factors of all.

As you might expect, not all scenes are created equal. Some of them are much more effective at attracting men than others. How, then, can you know which scents are worth your time? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Lily of the valley

Despite frequently giving flowers as gifts, they don’t generally enjoy floral scents. There is one exception to this rule, though: Lily of the valley.

That’s right… Lily of the valley isn’t just a type of flower Lana Del Rey likes to sing about. Because the scent is understated and earthy, this is the kind of smell that helps women to attract men. Whereas other floral scents are a little too empowering and might make you seem like an old maid, lily of the valley can help you smell fresh and inviting.

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Somewhere along the way, vanilla gained a reputation as being overly plain. Hence, people occasionally complaining about “vanilla sex.” In truth, vanilla is a rich and complex scent, and it works wonders in attracting men.

On an emotional level, the smell of vanilla makes people instantly happy, and that’s a great way to get attention. And the scent is even more attractive because it combines softness and sweetness with a kind of primal lust.

Speaking of primal lust, vanilla also serves as an aphrodisiac. So, once your vanilla perfume helps you land the man of your dreams, you may keep reaping the benefits all night long!

Rose oil

Men are not huge fans of the natural smell of roses. However, the smell of roses is a different story altogether!

In previous studies, even the simple smell of rose oil made women seem more attractive to men than they previously seemed. And if you’re on a budget, rose oil is a particularly smart scent. Because you can simply put essential oil on as a fragrance, you can save yourself the high cost of designer perfumes and the chemicals these perfumes contain, which may very well damage your skin.

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Fruity smells

Chances are that you don’t immediately associate fruity smells with sex appeal. However, men do, even if it’s on a purely subconscious level.

The most effective fruity scent is the smell of freshly-peeled orange. Unless you want to drench yourself in the real thing (a bit inconvenient before a date), you may want to pick up some perfume such as Orange Sanguine or Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit.

If oranges aren’t your bag, other fruity scents are also effective at getting male attention. Brit Sheer by Burberry gives off an exotic-but-strong fruit medley of a scent, for example, while Giorgio Armani Beauty provides subtler hints of both raspberry and vanilla.


Look, we get it: chances are that you aren’t out there trying to attract Homer Simpson. However, the smell of donuts serves as a powerful aphrodisiac to all men, not just cartoon buffoons.

How powerful are we talking? According to a 2014 AANOS study, the smell of a donut increased men’s penile blood flow by seven percent. If that’s not crazy enough, the combination of smelling a donut and soda increased penile blood flow by 12.5%. And the mixture of those scents along with lavender increased blood flow by 18%

That’s the good news. The bad news is that there aren’t too many perfumes that make you smell like a donut, much less the combo of donuts and soda. If nothing else, you can always sport some lavender perfume and go on a date to the local donut shop to see what happens next!

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Are you ready to attract a man and you want to take a really easy path? In that case, you can ditch traditional perfumes and start sporting musk.

Unfortunately, musk has a negative reputation for smelling nasty. However, that’s the kind of natural musk used by hunters to attract deer. These days, there are synthetic musk scents that smell much better. Best of all, though, the musk still contains the carnal, sensual small that is effective at driving men crazy.

And let’s face it: if you’re out hunting for a man, why not do as the hunters do? You might just catch something wild! 


Peppermint is one of our favorite scents in general. It helps to make you feel more energized, and it can even be used to fight off a headache. All while making you smell cool and fresh!

As an added bonus, this scent energizes men in a way that makes them excited to meet new people and experience new things. A sniff of peppermint also makes men happy right away, which is great for striking first impressions. And peppermint opens men’s other senses up, which helps them to appreciate everything else about you.

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Your natural smell

Here’s a bit of good news, though it’s also pretty weird. If you really want to attract men with a scent, you may not have to put anything on at all!

That’s right: your own personal scent can be an unexpected turn-on. That was a finding in a 2018 Royal Society study that had women place cotton pads under their armpits for three days. Later, when men sniffed the pads, researchers discovered the men found these scents attractive, and the scents of women with higher levels of estrogen and lower levels of progesterone were particularly alluring.

This most likely has to do with the complex intersection of biology, fertility, and instinct. On the bright side, even if you don’t wear perfume, your own natural scent could help you land the kind of man you’ve been looking for!