The Most Shocking Things Guys Find Very Unattractive


If you’re trying to attract a good guy, it’s more difficult than it seems at first. As the old saying goes, “a good man is hard to find,” which is why so many people focus on discovering the different things that really turn men on.

However, it’s equally important to understand what turns guys off. If you’re not careful, you may be doing or saying something that keeps good men as far away from you as they can get!

So, what are the common things guys find very unattractive? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Spreading gossip

There is something genuinely thrilling about gossip. And when you receive some “hot goss,” it may be hard to keep it to yourself.

Before you spill that tea, though, you should know that guys usually don’t like hearing gossip, especially from a significant other. If you’re a gossip, a male partner may see you as someone with low-self esteem. Considering that guys are very attracted to confidence, putting out low self-esteem vibes may send good men running.

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Too much makeup

Ever heard the old phrase “damned if you do, damned if you don’t?” This phrase might be the perfect description for makeup, especially when you are trying to get a guy’s attention.

If you wear no makeup at all, there is a chance that men (and everyone else, for that matter) might think you are plain or that you have stopped taking care of your appearance. But there is such a thing as too much makeup, and if you wear too much, it can be a major turnoff to dudes.

What should you do to find a happy compromise? Try to lessen how much makeup you wear in general and concentrate on enhancing your natural beauty rather than giving yourself a brand-new look, and you may be surprised by how many heads you end up turning. 

Total makeovers

Just as guys are wary of their partners wearing too much makeup, they are extremely wary of extreme makeovers. Why is that? Well, in the parlance of that old Blessid Union of Souls song, “he likes you for you.”

Most guys are pretty straightforward, and when they fell in love with you, they fell in love with you “as is.” That means they enjoy things like your hairstyle, your makeup, your fashion sense, and so on. When you get a total makeover, it may actually spook guys out because you are quite literally swapping out some of the things about you that he really digs for something he may or may not like as much.

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Lack of purpose

Have you been getting annoying lectures from your parents or concerned friends about your having no real purpose or ambition? Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but whether he is showing it or not, your boyfriend is likely really worried about this as well.

At the end of the day, most dudes are attracted to people who are confident and stable. If you have no real vision for your own future, guys might worry that you’ll have no real vision for the future of the relationship either. Conversely, if you have a plan for your life and try to stay on track, more good guys will be willing to come with you on the ride.

Not having a life

One of the hallmarks of new love is that you and your boyfriend are spending more time with each other and less time with family and friends. However, if you’re not seeing anyone else for your social needs becomes a regular thing, it may drive your boyfriend away.

Why is that? Basically, guys worry a lot (we mean really worry) about their partners being too needy. If you don’t have a life and never leave the house, guys may worry (rightly or wrongly) about you becoming too needy or clingy. And if you live together, not having a life means your partner never gets any time to himself, and this may make him resentful over time.

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Being too negative

It sounds obvious to say that men don’t like romantic partners who are negative because hey, pretty much nobody likes hanging around with negative people. However, guys hate negativity even more than anyone else, to the point that it affects who they are willing to date or stay in a relationship with.

At least one study discovered that men tend to find women less physically attractive if they are negative. In the eyes of dudes, even the hottest person may seem like a dud if they always bring the room down. Just one more reason to try to be more optimistic and cheerful from day to day.

Partying too hard

Most people go through a “party hard” period, and when you’re feeling young and reckless, this may be a great way to meet other party people. However, if partying hard has become a regular lifestyle for you, then it may be keeping good guys away.

To understand why, just know this: many of the things that make good qualities for a great wild night out (acting crazy, making impulsive decisions, and so on) make bad qualities for a romantic partner. Again, guys crave stability and confidence, so if you party all the time, it may signify that you are too wild and chaotic to settle down with a good guy.

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