8 Changes To Your Body That Are Secretly Major Symptoms of Sickness


Let’s face it: our bodies change over time. So when you look into the mirror and see that something looks slightly different than it did before, you might just chalk it up to getting older.

However, our bodies are always trying to give us a warning when something is seriously wrong. Unfortunately, most people don’t know they are experiencing symptoms of a major illness until it is far too late.

What are the symptoms we are talking about, though, and what do they mean for your overall health? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Your tongue is really red

It’s easy to overlook a red tongue as a symptom of anything serious. After all, if you ask most people what color their tongue is, you’d likely get “red” as an answer.

In reality, a healthy tongue is more of a light pink color, and major changes can be warning signs of something serious. For example, a very bright red tongue means that you could be suffering from a vitamin deficiency or internal infection. It could also be a sign of oral herpes, so we recommend getting a checkup as soon as you can.

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White pimples on your upper eyelids

If you’ve suffered from pimples before, you might think all pimples are created equal. However, if you begin to see white pimples on your upper eyelids, you need to know these aren’t the same as the pimples that normally mess up your complexion.

These white pimples are called styes, and they typically appear near eyelashes for those who have dry skin or even diabetes. Since getting diabetes can impact your entire life, it’s important to get a diagnosis if you see these bumps around your eyes.

Clubbed fingernails

While most people know that fingernails aren’t supposed to be clubbed, it’s still easy to think they aren’t really a big deal. But if your own fingernails start to look like this, you need to treat this as a symptom of a major health issue.

For example, clubbed fingernails may be a sign you have major gastrointestinal problems, and they can even be a symptom of chronic lung disease. If you go to the doctor right away when you notice your nails looking like this, it might help you protect your health by getting a diagnosis and then beginning treatment.

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White dots on your nails

Speaking of nails, you need to pay close attention to their coloration. That’s because even when the nails aren’t clubbed, there may be more subtle warning signs, including little white dots on the nails themselves.

Sometimes, these white dots appear after you have been in an accident. If that hasn’t happened, though, the dots likely mean your body isn’t getting enough calcium, protein, or zinc.

Yellowing skin

Our skin undergoes many changes over time. It obviously gets wrinkles, of course, and it will get a bit thinner over time (one reason why older people get colder easier than younger people). But if your skin starts looking yellow, you probably need to go to the doctor right away.

That’s because yellow skin is often a sign that you have liver disease. Look closely in the mirror and the “whites” of your eyes may be looking yellow as well, which is just one more sign that you need to get medical attention.

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Cracking lips

Those who have been dealing with cracked lips for a long time may think they are normal. However, dry and cracking lips are just one of the ways that your body warns you something is wrong.

In some cases, cracking may be a sign that you need to switch to a different brand of lipstick. Most of the time, though, this cracking simply means that you are dehydrated, and the solution may be as simple as drinking more water throughout the week.

Sores on your lips

Sores on your lips can be annoying for many reasons, especially for the pain they cause. And some of the people reading this might have dealt with these sores for their entire lives. But like the other body changes we have touched on, this is another warning sign of some major issues!

In this case, sores may be a sign that you have been experiencing stress. Such stress may be related to your hormones, or it may just be your garden variety emotional stress. These sores may also be a sign that you aren’t getting enough vitamin B-12, so adding that to your health regimen might just make these sores go away.

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A ring around your cornea

It’s always important to treat sudden changes around your eyes very seriously. And if you see a kind of white or grey ring around your cornea, then it’s probably time to go to the doctor.

That’s because these rings are actually fat deposits. They may appear naturally in certain elderly people, but for everyone else, these rings are a warning sign of high cholesterol. In that case, it’s definitely worth going to your doctor and getting either an official diagnosis or some well-deserved peace of mind.