Got Red Spots On Your Body? Here’s What It Means and What To Do Next


When it comes to health, most of us worry about hidden dangers that we won’t find out about until it’s too late. In some cases, though, the warning signs are a bit more obvious. And perhaps the best example of this is when red spots appear on your body.

It’s easy to panic when you see these spots, especially if you don’t know what they could be or how to get rid of them. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered: keep reading to discover the most likely causes of your red spots, whether or not they are dangerous, and how you can potentially treat them using simple home remedies!

What has caused the red spots on my skin?

When it comes to the red spots on your body, there are many potential causes. For example, you may be having an allergic response to something you recently encountered. You could also be experiencing the sudden onset of a heat rash or even the belated result of a nasty insect bite.

In some cases, the red spots may be caused by something more serious, including an autoimmune disease or leaking capillaries. In other cases, the red spots might be a bit more benign: they could be simple skin spots, birthmarks, or even scars from acne. Unfortunately, you may not be able to figure out the exact cause of your own spots until you visit your doctor.

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Should I see a doctor right away?

As we noted before, the only way to determine the exact cause of your own red spots is to visit your doctor. But that brings us to a vitally important question: should you see the doctor right away?

If you see the shape of any of the spots changing, then yes: you need to visit your doctor ASAP (more on this later). And of course, if you are very worried about the spots being caused by something dangerous, you should consult with your doctor for peace of mind if nothing else. However, if the spots haven’t changed shape and are more annoying than anything else, you may wish to explore a few quick home remedies to see if they can get rid of your pesky problem without sticking you with a large medical bill as well as an expensive prescription!

The healing powers of aloe vera

If you’re prone to sunburns or simply like to spend plenty of time outside, you probably have some aloe vera gel around the house. And if you do, then you may already be equipped with everything you need to get rid of those red spots for good.

All you have to do is apply some fresh aloe vera gel to the affected area of your skin twice each day for a period of 15-20 minutes at a time. This should reduce the appearance of certain types of red spots, and if they are causing any kind of burning pain, this should provide some relief.

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A little dandelion will do it

Believe it or not, dandelion may be just as effective (perhaps even more so) than aloe vera when it comes to dealing with red spots on your body. To start, you’re going to need to gather some dandelion root if you don’t already have some kicking around the house.

Once you have the root, you need to boil it in water and then filter it. Next, all you have to do is sip the filtered concoction you have created to potentially experience major relief from annoying and painful spots on your body.

Coconut oil: the cure for what ails you?

It always feels really great to massage coconut oil into your skin. However, you might not realize that this oil can make your skin look great even while it makes you feel great.

To help treat your red spots, you must first wash your skin and then massage the coconut oil in. Don’t be in a rush to wash that skin: you need to leave the oil on overnight and wash it off in the morning. Hopefully, after a few nights of doing this, you will see some major results.

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The major warning sign you CAN’T ignore

We’ve been focusing on the kinds of home remedies that might clear up your red spots and maybe even help you avoid a visit to the doctor. However, there is a certain warning sign that you can never ignore, and if you see it, you need to visit your doctor immediately.

And it’s a sign that we actually touched on earlier: if you see any of your red spots or patches changing shape, then you may have a serious medical issue. It’s important to see your doctor to get both a solid diagnosis as well as (if needed) a treatment plan.