25 Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss


What if you could lose weight while snacking?

It may sound like an impossible dream come true. However, there are plenty of tasty snacks that are also healthy and promote weight loss.

Ready to eat your way to a new and improved you? Keep reading to discover our favorite snacks for weight loss!


Nuts are a perfect snack because they are brimming with fiber and monosaturated fats. And there are so many nuts to choose from that you can easily find a favorite flavor.


Popcorn may feel like a decadent movie snack, but on its own, it is a great low-calorie treat. Keep that butter off and you have a snack that is both filling and fun.


The healthy reason to eat grapes includes the fact that they perfectly combine hydration and fiber. The main reason, though, is that they are sweet and delicious!

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate as a healthy snack? Yes, please! In addition to satisfying your sweet tooth, dark chocolate contains magnesium and iron to help give you an energy boost.

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The millennials were right all along! Avocado has the fats and protein to make you feel full and stay away from snacks. And it goes well with pretty much anything.


Hummus tastes like a delicacy, but this fat and fiber-rich food is pretty healthy on its own. To keep it healthy, we recommend pairing hummus with veggies instead of pita bread.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great DIY health snack. While it is good for you on its own, you can enhance the health benefits and flavor by adding healthy fruit or other great ingredients.


Sure, beans have a reputation as “the musical fruit.” But they pack a combo of protein and fiber that will keep you from reaching for those healthier snacks.


Oatmeal is naturally full of protein and fiber, making it a healthy way to feel full and stabilize blood sugar. And you can add many ingredients to enhance the flavor without losing the healthy side effects.

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Raspberries may be a healthy food, but they don’t taste like it. These sweet treats are full of calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin to keep you going!


Pears have been a weight loss secret for many years. The fiber-filled fruit promotes weight loss while the very act of eating a pear (which takes time) fills you up and keeps you away form more dangerous snacks.


The secret to watermelon being healthy is that it is full of water. So while it tastes amazing (Mark Twain thought the taste of watermelon was a taste of heaven), it is one of the healthiest snacks you can eat.

Trail mix

Trail mix may not look that healthy, especially when you throw a lot of chocolate in there. But the traditional mixture of nuts and fruits gives you fiber that makes you feel full while tasting great.


Bananas are a great healthy snack because, by themselves, these fruits are filled with healthy fiber. But you can also combine bananas with Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, or even cereal without losing out on the health benefits.

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Depending on where you’re from, shrimp may feel like a rare seafood treat. But shrimp are full of lean protein, and you can pair shrimp with the cocktail sauce without losing many of the health benefits.


Contrary to popular belief, carrots can only do so much for your eyesight. But this food is full of fiber that can keep you from reaching for those more dangerous treats,


Granola is just as healthy as you imagine, though making your own granola is more rewarding than buying storebought stuff. And while granola is great on its own, many like to add things like banana or fruit to enhance the flavor.

Chocolate milk

Growing up, chocolate milk may have felt like a rare treat. But for adults, drinking chocolate milk helps provide simple carbs to your body, and many who work out rely on chocolate milk after a strenuous session.

Sweet potato fries

Traditional fries are dangerous for anyone trying to lose weight. But sweet potato fries cut out much of the unwanted grease while providing a sweet and satisfying flavor.

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Baked kale chips

Kale is kind of a stereotype when it comes to healthy eating. But baked kale chips provide that awesome tang of salty, crunchy flavor without making you consume unwanted grease.

Edamame and sea salt

On its own, edamame is a food full of fiber, potassium, and protein. And when you add sea salt for flavor, it will genuinely feel like you are getting away with something.

Homemade ranch dip and veggies

Love to reach for that ranch dip and chips? As a healthy alternative, you can turn Greek yogurt into ranch mix with the right dip and replace those snacks with healthy veggies.

Beef jerky and raisins

Beef jerky may sound like the ultimate road trip food. But if you combine jerky with raisins, you get a low-calorie dose of proteins that perfectly combines salty and sweet into a single experience.

String cheese

Speaking of combining salt and sweet, we recommend combining string cheese with pears for a sweet/salty combo that also blends fiber and protein. But even taken on its own, string cheese is surprisingly healthy and genuinely filling.

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Vegan broccoli soup

Vegan broccoli soup is so simple that even the most inexperienced chef can make it. But it’s also healthy and wholesome, and your body will thank you the day after your meal.