15 Photos That Drive Perfectionists Crazy


It’s tough being a perfectionist. After all, you go through life expecting everything to be “just so.” And that certainly includes the photos that you see.

Unfortunately, some photos might as well have been designed in a lab to drive perfectionists crazy. These are photos that capture chaotic and mismatched design decisions and memorialize them forever.

Since these are crazy times, though, maybe you’d like to be driven a bit crazy? In that case, keep reading to scope these insane photos!

When nobody “mustered” some organizational skills

If you’re a perfectionist, then the problem leaps right out at you: the single bottle of mustard that is in here upside down. Because this mistake is so easy to avoid and so easy to fix, we can only assume the store is trying to drive us crazy.

Oven issues

What’s worse than a design mistake that drives you crazy? Simple: a mistake that drives you crazy on a daily basis. In this case, the placement of the oven means it will need to be opened every single time the homeowners want to open that drawer.

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Manic mannequin

If you ask us, mannequins are already pretty scary (we blame that fear on Doctor Who). But the sight of this mannequin able to rotate its head like in the Exorcist really takes our fear to the next level.

Window woes

It’s already a bold move to seal the old windows and build new ones. But making the new ones lopsidedly to the left, exposing the old windows, is a decision so insane we almost (almost) respect it.

How did this happen?

Floor patterns are usually easy to make and easy to lay out. But whoever laid out this floor didn’t get the memo because they disrupted the pattern, making life miserable for perfectionist shoppers everywhere.

Trapped by Amazon

We all know the guilty pleasure of ordering things on Amazon and having them just show up at your door. However, it backfired for these people when Amazon left this box at just the perfect angle to trap them in their homes, forcing a call to maintenance just so they could leave the house!

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When things don’t “line” up

Deep down, we all love the cool visual symmetry that comes from lines converging on the same spot. However, we can clearly see the design mistake here where the lines fail to meet. And given this is in such a prominent part of the house, it would be impossible for the homeowner to not notice this issue each and every morning.

How to drive an artist crazy

Since artists must have a keen eye, most of them learn early on to shut out annoying design mistakes. But since this is a box of sketch pencils designed specifically for artists, it means some lucky artist had to look at this mismatched pencil every time she opened up the box.

Form and function fail

People often like to debate form versus function. Like, maybe it’s okay if something looks terrible so long as it still works. But these pencils were sharpened in such a way that they look like trash and can’t really be used, making this a total fail.

Tacky tats

Everyone who has gotten a tattoo has had that argument with their mother about how they will wake up one day and regret the ink. With this guy, though, we’d like to know how he didn’t regret this decision as soon as he came up with it. Does he actually enjoy looking like an early sketch of a supervillain who messes with perfectionists?

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Pan problems

Normally, the reason that people in your home put things up the wrong way is that they don’t know where everything is supposed to go. But that excuse doesn’t really work when the correct positioning is quite literally drawn on the wall.

Chaos in the bathroom

There is something joyfully chaotic about this layout. Have almost twice as many paper towel dispensers over the sinks as you have sinks? Check. Have the dispensers all at different heights? Also check! 

The joys of marriage

Every married person knows what it’s like when their spouse opens something up the wrong way. But, real talk: if your spouse opens everything the wrong way like in this picture, then you may need to take up meditation to counter your daily rage.

Nice view

This kiddo’s family wanted his first flight to be special, so they went out of their way to book a window seat. Just one problem: there was no window to go with the seat! His “nice view” was a whole lot of nothing for the entire ride.

Breaking the pattern

You don’t have to be a perfectionist to enjoy when a good pattern comes together (though it certainly helps). And watching how this pattern was almost completed and then screwed up at the last minute is enough to unite all of us together in major annoyance.

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