The Most Surprising Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil


Some at-home remedies are nothing more than a sham. Others, however, can completely change your life, and black seed oil is one of them. If you don’t already know, this oil is extracted from black cumin. Like most oil remedies, it can be added to food, ingested as a supplement, or applied directly to the skin depending on your preferences.

We know what you’re thinking: why would you bother doing any of that? Simple: black seed oil has some amazing health benefits that can change your life for the better. Don’t believe it? Keep reading to discover the most surprising health benefits of black seed oil!

Easing eczema

If you have eczema, you know how downright annoying it can be. It makes your skin dry and itchy, and that is painful and annoying on its own. In some cases, eczema can even make you likelier to get infected, effectively compounding your health problems.

However, relief may be easier than you ever imagined. For example, one study revealed that applying black seed oil to your hands may be just as effective at fighting eczema as a steroid cream that requires a prescription. That means this oil could provide you with pain relief and save you both time and money!

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Healing wounds

When you get a cut or scrape, it’s always annoying that your body takes so long to heal. It’s enough to make us wish we were young again and able to heal like we once did. While black seed oil can’t magically restore your youth, it may help you heal wounds faster, like when you were a bit younger.

There are two reasons for this: first, the thymoquinone in black seed oil speeds healing up because it packs a killer combination of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Second, the oil naturally stimulates your body’s collagen production, which can help your skin heal from wounds that much quicker.

Accelerating weight loss

Hoping to shed a few pounds before it’s bikini season again? Honestly, a better question might be “who isn’t?” And you guessed it: black seed oil might finally be the secret weapon for losing weight that you’ve been looking for.

One study that focused on obese women found that adding this oil to a low-calorie diet reduced appetite and improved overall BMI. More research needs to be conducted in this area, but at this point, we’ll try any weight loss trick if it helps us fit back into our old jeans!

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Lowering blood pressure

As we get older, controlling our blood pressure becomes more and more important. Unfortunately, some of the most effective ways to control it involve expensive medications, many of which require a prescription. While black seed oil can’t (and shouldn’t) replace anything you have been prescribed by a doctor, it can serve as a powerful and completely natural way of lowering your blood pressure.

According to one study, participants who were given 2.5 milliliters of black seed oil only twice a day experienced lower blood pressure. Even better, there were no nasty side effects. An all-natural way to lower blood pressure that doesn’t need a prescription and doesn’t have negative side effects? Count us in!

Maintaining healthy cholesterol

Once you start paying attention to your cholesterol, you realize how difficult it can be to maintain healthy levels. After all, it’s not enough to avoid cholesterol altogether: you need to learn how to differentiate good cholesterol and bad cholesterol (better known as LDL, or low-density lipoproteins) to find the right balance.

If that sounds like you, then you might be in luck. One study found that participants who ingested two teaspoons of black seed oil after breakfast for a period of at least six weeks were able to significantly reduce LDL. Just think: one small change to your breakfast routine could give you better cholesterol levels. 

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Warding off cancer

Ethnic young adult female hugging her mother who has cancer

The older you get, the likelier it is that you or someone you know will develop cancer. Part of what makes this scary is that we’re constantly discovering different things that may cause cancer. But you can effectively fight that fear when you take proactive measures to fight against cancer or even ward it off entirely.

There hasn’t been extensive research in this field, but some medical experts believe the thymoquinone in black seed oil helps fight back against cancer. Additionally, the phytochemical inside the oil can contain cancer growth and even kill cancer cells altogether.

Boosting fertility

For men, infertility is a very scary prospect. It can have devastating psychological effects on a man’s confidence and, worse still, can keep him from biologically fathering a child. Believe it or not, black seed oil may be able to turn the tide on male infertility completely!

One interesting study found that infertile male participants who took 2.5 milliliters of black seed oil twice a day for two months experienced amazing results: higher sperm count, improved sperm motility, and increased semen volume. In other words, if you’re worried about fertility, it’s time to run to the store for some black seed oil!

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